The ICGG scientific topics move across a wide range of research fields related to the applications of the gas geochemistry.
We planned to move from gas geochemistry in active geodynamic systems (including volcanoes and earthquakes) to petroleum exploration and exploitation; from gas geochemistry in terrestrial and marine environments to applications in water resources and goundwaters quality. The proposed topics are as follows. The references are in charge to manage the submitted abstracts:

ST01 – Gases in volcanic and geothermal systems
ST02 – Gases in seismic and tectonic settings
ST03 – Gases in sedimentary basins
ST04 – Gases in marine environment
ST05 – Environmental impact of gaseous emissions (air pollution and monitoring, Rn and environmental radioactivity)
ST06 – Gases in minerals and rocks
ST07 – Advances in gas measurements and techniques
ST08 – Gas-biota interactions